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New Rocksmith DLC

Pearl Jam, The Black Keys and more.

There's more DLC on its way for Rocksmith. The Alternative Rock set list includes appearances from Vampire Weekend, The Offspring and Pearl Jam, and is priced at £23.99 on PS3 and 2400 MS Points on Xbox 360.

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Here's the complete list of songs direct from Ubisoft:
Rush - "Tom Sawyer"
Rush - "YYZ"
Rush - "Limelight"
Rush - "Red Barchetta"
Rush - "Subdivisions"
Vampire Weekend - "Cousins"
The Black Keys - "Gold on the Ceiling"
The Black Keys - "Mind Eraser"
The Black Keys - "Just Got to Be"
Pearl Jam - "Jeremy"
3 Doors Down - "When I'm Gone"
3 Doors Down - "Loser"
The Offspring - "Come Out and Play"
The Offspring - "Self Esteem"
The Offspring - "Gone Away"

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