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New Riot dev diary outlines League of Legends plans

Not only for this year but beyond, as the developer looks to nurture talent to make sure the esports scene remains healthy.

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The team at Riot games have announced a slew of upcoming esports news via a developer diary posted on their YouTube channel this week, including the news that the Mid-Season Invitational which will take place across Vietnam and Taipei.

A "commitment to long-term planning and elevating the digital experience of our sport" is the bold statement made by Riot games, and announcing three years worth of championships certainly attests to their plans for the future. Expansions to the player rewards system have also been announced, allowing players at home to earn in-game items as they watch the international championships. This will enhance the digital experience, giving fans extra incentives to keep up on all things esports for League of Legends.

The developer diary also outlines major goals in nurturing talent for the future of League of Legends esports. There may be a number of stars performing currently, but Riot games wants to ensure a steady flow of talent follows them from the younger generation, allowing the game to grow in the future. Riot says they are committing to their amateur and semi-pro leagues, forging a direct path to the pro leagues.

Will League of Legends esports continue to grow?


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