New Release Friday

With the heavy hitters starting to roll out between now and the end of the year, and many weeks seeing multiple titles fighting for retail space, it's tough to keep track of everything. So come those launch days, you'll find a review roundup to steer you (and your wallet) right.

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Borderlands 2

We said: "It's rare for drudgery to set in. And for a game of this size and style, what's even more surprising is that the word 'grind' never enters the lexicon." 9/10

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F1 2012

We said: "We're impressed at how inviting this manages to be in comparison to last year's game, making it the strongest entry in the series to date." 8/10

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Little Big Planet Vita

We said: "If the Vita version had offered something entirely new on top of what's here, then it would truly have been something out of the ordinary." 8/10

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Pro Evolution Soccer 2013

We Said: "It's a very good game. A return to form for the series then, even if it doesn't go on to win the league." 8/10

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Torchlight II

We said: "Not once have I encountered problems of either the technical or gameplay-destructive kind - this is clearly a project of passion." 9/10

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Also released this week...

Jet Set Radio

We said: "In the year 2000 Sega unleashed Jet Set Radio, full of graffiti, magnetically powered inlines and a brilliant soundtrack, upon an unsuspecting world." 8/10

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Rayman: Jungle Run

We said: "Pasta Games have made a rousing interpretation of a gaming classic, and its one of the best platform games we've seen on our mobile and tablet screens." 8/10

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