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New Overwatch short story sees Ana and Soldier: 76 reunited

Blizzard reveals that the righteous Jack Morrison is gay and had a relationship with a guy called Vincent.

A new rainbow shines in the skies over Overwatch with the revelation found in a brand-new short story about the game, which was once again written by Michael Chu. The story, which can be downloaded here in PDF format, recounts a meeting between two old friends, Ana and Soldier: 76. They're two ghosts from the past, as both were deemed dead but then fate and their search for justice reunited them.

Bastet is the title of the short story in which the sniper is the main protagonist, with the narrative set in her home town of El Cairo. However, these military manoeuvres are really just an excuse to talk about the background stories of the duo and their third leg, Reaper. At times things get personal as they get honest about what happened before and what they hope will happen from that moment on, including an epic moment for the LGTBI community.

You see, Blizzard has revealed that Soldier: 76, the Attack character who is often used by newcomers, is gay. Among the few artworks included with the brief novel, there's a sequence in which Soldier: 76 shows us a picture of Vincent, his ex-boyfriend, a guy with short, dark hair. But as the soldier says as he looks to Ana for mutual understanding, "relationships don't work out so well for us, do they?"

Of course, it's a new addition to the lore of Overwatch, lore which keeps growing slowly but surely, but it's also a boost for inclusivity in video games in general, and for that, we can only be grateful.


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