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New Oninaki concept art shows world of Inner Kingdom

We've already seen a lot of the Daemons, and now Square Enix is giving us a look at the world around them.

Square Enix and Tokyo RPG Factory are preparing to launch Oninaki later this month, and they're certainly not afraid to show it off ahead of release. Not too long ago they profiled the Daemons available to use in the game, and now we have some concept art behind the RPG.

Below we have three images about the world of Oninaki, all of which are drawn by background designer Oga Takeshi. Here we can see the Great Plain, showing the world of the dead, Beyond the Veil. It's not only cold and dark, but also mysterious too, with pale lights shining in the ground and oddly-shaped trees inspired by Eastern designs.

Speaking of which, the capital city of Szaka has a "strong central Asian flavour", with special care taken on the sovereign's palace and the excessive sky. The Ehir Palace is where the sovereign rules over the Inner Kingdom, "steeped in an aura of dread majesty" and holding Lady Lobelia.


Next we have three images of objects, one of which depicts the World Pillars, the mysterious artifacts with unknown origins. Other objects of the Inner Kingdom can be seen, again with Asian influences like Shinto shrines and Buddhist jizo statues. "However, when combined on the streets of Szaka, it results in a unique visual atmosphere that appears neither wholly Eastern nor Western," we're told.

We also see a research room as well, although we don't know where this is located in the world of Oninaki. "As for who works here and what kind of research they are doing in this dark, windowless room... you will just have to find that out yourself," we're told, and Oga Takeshi once again provided all three of these images.


Lastly we have Fallen Souls, with images coming to us courtesy of monster designer Morinaga Koji. These range in design, with some familiar to all Tokyo RPG Factory games - the one based on the particle-like pattern on the body - while another has a "fungoid aspect". Then we have an airborne type with translucent wings, reminding us that these Fallen Souls were once human.


What images catch your eye here?

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