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Nuclear Union

New Nuclear Union screens

Post-apocolyptic Russia.

When you hear the premise behind Nuclear Union, you'd be forgiven for confusing it for another post-apocolyptic game set in Russia. But there are differences between this title and the anticipated Metro: Last Light, most obvious is the date of the setting.

Nuclear Union is set in 2012, 50 years after America and Russia went at it in a nuclear war that contaminated the planet. All these years later, people are once again returning the surface, armed to the teeth, prepared for whatever they might find.

The following Gamescom screens have just been released, so you can see just how this PC game is shaping up.

Nuclear Union
Nuclear UnionNuclear Union
Nuclear UnionNuclear UnionNuclear Union
Nuclear UnionNuclear UnionNuclear UnionNuclear Union

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