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Need for Speed Heat

New Need for Speed to be revealed on Wednesday

Ghost Games has started to rev the engine and is ready to get this year's NFS game off the start line.

Ghost Games was kind enough to set our expectations straight before E3 by announcing that we wouldn't see this year's Need for Speed at EA Play. As the studio clearly said it's slated to be released this year, most of us expected it to be unveiled at Gamescom instead. We'll actually get to see it even sooner than that, but only just.

EA has just started a countdown on the game's official website and it's set to end at 3 PM CEST/2 PM BST on Wednesday. It's difficult to get any details about the game by looking at the site right now, even if the logo is stylised. Taking a look at the source code might give us a clue though, as it refers to October. Could it be that we're a mere two months away from launch?

We hope to have that and more questions answered on Wednesday, if not at Gamescom next week.

Need for Speed Heat

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