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Gears POP!

New major Gears Pop update released

The somewhat surprising collaboration between POP and The Coalition's Gears of War is going strong.

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Are you playing Gears Pop? If so, then The Coalition and Microsoft has good news for you, as season six recently started which means plenty of new stuff to enjoy. This includes four new Pins and a free Ultimate Pin as well as some major changes.

Here's a description of the new pins as well as the most important updates. For the full list with everything added or changed, head over this way:

New Pins:

General RAAM (Legendary) 10 Power — Uses unmatched strength and command over the Kryll against enemies

Bernadette Mataki (Epic) 6 Power — Inspires anybody in cover with her to fire faster

Sam Byrne (Rare) 5 Power — Uses Shock Grenades to slow down her foes and finishes them off with a Snub Pistol

Onyx Guards (Common) 4 Power — These two will stick together on the battlefield, so don't expect them to go down different paths

Balance changes:

Damon Baird - summoned Sentry no longer loses health over time.</em>

Del Walker - faster to launch his first attack on a new target, enters cover faster and enemies who get hit more than once with a Buzzsaw blade take even more damage.

Emergence Hole - spawns three wretches every 4 seconds for its lifetime, can now only be deployed inside your territory.

Jack - Power cost decreased to 6 (from 7), Skill Range increased to 20 (from 16), prioritises the target with the highest health, and can now target fortifications. Some visual issues with Jack's Skill were also fixed.

Are you still playing Gears Pop (which free to play on both Android and Ios)?

Gears POP!

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