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New Joy-Con colours announced

Purple, orange, blue, and yellow join the lineup, adding a bit more flare to the existing Joy-Con range.

So far Nintendo has been surprisingly conservative when it comes to releasing new colours for their controllers (both the Pro Controller and Joy-Cons), but yesterday Nintendo of America tweeted the following:

"Customize your #NintendoSwitch even more with these new Joy-Con colors - Blue/Neon Yellow and Neon Purple/Neon Orange. Available beginning 10/4 for $79.99. #MyWayToPlay"

And there we have it - four new colours for the Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons, in perhaps somewhat surprising alternatives (that some people think are based on the characters Waluigi and Wario, although the purple and orange makes us think of Spyro). Take a look at them below and tell us which one you prefer.

In terms of customisation, the recently-revealed Switch Lite consoles come in a variety of colours too, so they're worth looking into if you want your gaming to pop and sparkle.