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New Halo Infinite images and multiplayer information

Halo Infinite's head of creative: "And the great news is that Summer i.e., game industry event season, is just around the corner—and there are glorious plans afoot."

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During the night, 343 Industries had a huge information blowout on Halo Waypoint regarding Halo Infinite, this time with a focus on PC. As we reported yesterday, it will sport support for ultra wide screens and also have plenty of PC only features to make it stand out further like, "options like showing FPS and ping in an overlay, or hiding the HUD entirely if you want to take some nice screenshots or overlay your own thing while streaming"

Amongst other things, the team clarifies that they want "wider aspect ratios to allow you to see more horizontally instead of seeing less vertically. This is harder on performance but provides a more immersive experience". The ultrawide support works all the way with the HUD and UI as well as cutscenes, so if you have one of these screens, be prepare to be treated to something good.

To show how ultra wide looks, we got a couple samples of this, which shows a real improvement in graphics since the botched reveal last summer.

Halo Infinite
Halo InfiniteHalo Infinite

The team also explains how they will handle cheaters in Halo Infinite with a new kind of method as they wanted "to make an anti-cheat solution that doesn't get in the way, doesn't root your machine, doesn't block your legitimate applications". Instead of chasing software, 343 Industries have focused on methods that that will reveal cheaters based on the actual cheating:

"To make cheating more difficult in ways that don't involve kernel drivers or background services. We've done a lot of work securing the Slipspace engine and developing novel ways to protect and change the game to slow down cheat development. When people do cheat, we're focused on catching them through their behavior and not from data that we've harvested from their machines. Combating cheaters is an ever-evolving arms race, but we're making the tech investments needed today to continue the fight for years to come."

You will also be able to set up Halo infinite servers yourself on your PC, and since it is cross-play, you can join these with both PC and Xbox on your LAN. Finally we also learn that 343 Industries are making sure ranked games are fair by separating gamers equipped with mouse/keyboard versus those who have a controller. This way, controller fans on PC (or other formats via Xbox Cloud Gaming) will have more fair gaming as well.

The lengthy post ends with Joseph Staten, Halo Infinite's Head of Creative, explaining:

"And the great news is that Summer i.e., game industry event season, is just around the corner—and there are glorious plans afoot."

Let's keep our fingers crossed this means a beta test of some sorts...

Halo Infinite
Halo Infinite
Halo Infinite

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