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The Pathless

New gameplay trailer shows off The Pathless, PS5 confirmed

Giant Squid's new adventure sounds bold and looks great, and we got to see more of it last night during State of Play.

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Last night during State of Play, the latest edition of Sony's livestream series wherein the company shares updates on upcoming PS-titles (in this case with a focus across PS4, PSVR, and PS5), we got a proper look at The Pathless, and it looks most intriguing.

We knew about the PC and PS4 versions before now, but the game was confirmed for PS5 during the event, and it should land on all three platforms later this year. It's from the team that gave us Abzû, although unlike that game, which was non-violent and all about underwater exploration, The Pathless is an open-world game built around archery and eagle flight. Interestingly, we were told last night about the lack of a world map and the implications of that decision, but with slick movement and intuitive exploration, The Pathless is certainly one to watch later this year.


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