Monster Hunter Rise

New gameplay shows Monster Hunter Rise's traversal mechanics

We got a closer look at the Wirebugs and Palamute companion.

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During Tokyo Game Show, we were offered a further look into Monster Hunter Rise, the series' upcoming entry that will arrive exclusively for the Nintendo Switch. The show presented roughly 20-minutes of gameplay footage, and gave a glimpse at just how the Wirebugs and new Palamute companion would operate.

We learned that the Wirebugs (the new zipline-like method of traversal) can be used up to three times in quick succession but require to be charged for a couple of seconds. It appears the Wirebugs can be used to whisk yourself to safety too, as you can pull yourself from off the ground if you are knocked over by a monster. Wirebugs can be found out in the open world and can be used to scale up entire cliffs, as shown with the gameplay demonstration.

The cute dog-like Palamute companion also received some screen time. It showed that the Palamute can be mounted and can complete actions, such as dashes and jumps to be able to scale the open world at a faster pace. The companion can complete player commands, such as attacking enemies and coming closer to you. You will also need to use the Palamute to scale the environment by running up areas covered with vines.

Monster Hunter Rise will be released on the Nintendo Switch on March 26, 2021.

Monster Hunter Rise

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