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Fire Emblem: Three Houses

New Game+ lets you boost your unit stats in FE: Three Houses

This makes it easier to rush through the first half of the game, rather than experiencing the many hours of content once again.

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Fire Emblem: Three Houses is releasing today on the Nintendo Switch, and this should excite fans of the strategy genre for multiple reasons (some of which you can read in our review). The game will take you quite some time, and there are even more things to enjoy, since Three Houses offers a New Game+ option to spice up your additional playthroughs (as well as a Lunatic difficulty mode coming at a later date).

After completing the game for the first time, you can start another run from your current save file and try out some new things at the Officer's Academy. In your personal room, it's possible to rank up the statistics of your former pupils and yourself, which makes your units very powerful early on (ideal to quickly replay the first half of the game and get to the second part). To do this you need 'Renown', which comes from completing optional fights and quests. If your experience is high enough, you'll make a real impression on almost every student, who might be thinking about switching to your class if you ask them nicely, which in turn gets you new fighters to choose from.

It's also possible to change the costumes of your pupils in NG+ too, but this option is a little less impressive than it sounds. Basically, it's just about whether the students look the same as they did in the first half of the game, or if their appearance changes in the second half of the game. In addition, portraits and some of the better-looking video sequences are not affected by this cosmetic decision, and this option does not cost you renown.

Renown can be spent during your first playthrough too, which you should make use of. In the back of the chapel of Seiros you can invest it into the restoration of the sculptures of the four saints, which unlocks permanent bonuses that will speed up your character development (those benefits will be permanent) even more.

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Fire Emblem: Three Houses

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