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      Fatal Fury

      New Fatal Fury confirmed to be green-lit

      The last game in the series was released in 1999.

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      There has been numerous leaks during the last couple of years and secrets in the game industry is almost as rare as unicorns these days. Many people have got tired of this system, which has also led to a plethora of self-proclaimed insiders who leaks things with various accuracy.

      This has started to lead to some changes, with the game industry moving more towards movies, where there aren't considered secrets that a certain movie is under production. Recently, we've seen EA announcing a game like the new Skate even before it was even under development, Bethesda saying the next Fallout is coming after the next The Elder Scrolls, and now SNK is trying the same thing.

      During the annual Evo fighting tournament past weekend, they revealed that a new game in the Fatal Fury series (known as Garou in Japan) has been green-lit. This means there probably isn't any development being done yet and that it is several years off - but at least we know it's happening and the developers can openly look for staff for this project, instead of rumours telling us this at some point.

      While this is basically all information we have, there is a teaser trailer below telling us that it is green-lit and really not much else besides a piece of artwork. The last game in the series was Garou: Mark of the Wolves from 1999, which was released for Neo Geo and Dreamcast, and later also most popular formats ever since.


      Fatal Fury

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