F1 2018

New F1 2018 trailer mixes music with racing

The new F1 theme music, to be precise.

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Codemasters has just released the second official gameplay trailer for their upcoming game F1 2018 - which will bring the motorsport to life when it releases on August 24 - except this time the in-game footage is mixed in with the new official F1 theme music from composer Brian Tyler.

Commenting on the game's recreation of the real world sport, F1 2018's Art Director Stu Campbell says: "F1 has undergone a huge visual rebrand this year. It has an exciting, fresh new look and we are looking to bring that into the game as much as we can. Our aim this year was to create as big a visual improvement as we possibly could to give a more authentic and realistic experience. When you see it side by side with the 2017 game I think you will see a huge leap forward."

F1 2018 will release on PC, PS4, and Xbox One later this month, so there isn't too long to wait until you can get back in the driver's seat. Will you be getting stuck in?

F1 2018

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