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Hearts of Iron IV

New expansion unveiled for Hearts or Iron IV

Waking the Tiger focuses on the Chinese front.

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Those who know the history surrounding the Second World War will know that before events kicked off in Europe, there were already battles being fought in other parts of the world.

That brings us to Waking the Tiger, the new expansion for WW2 strategy title Hearts of Iron IV, which was unveiled yesterday. The new paid-for DLC puts players in China, in the midst of a country divided, with both Nationalist and Communist agendas at work.

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There's no precise word on when the new expansion will be released beyond "coming soon", but the main features have been detailed by Paradox and you can read about them below:

National Focus Trees for China:
Guide the Chinese Republic or Communist China through the war, guided by your own vision of the future.

Modified Focus Trees for Germany and Japan:
Two major Axis powers now have alternate history paths, including the chance to depose Hitler or restore democracy to Japan.

Chain of Command and General Traits:
Put multiple armies under the direction of a field marshall to coordinate large movements of army groups, using the traits of your generals to take advantage of their unique skills.

Spend your political power on national decisions and missions to strengthen the war effort.

And more:
Scavenge equipment from the battlefield, use Volunteer Air Corps, acclimatizing troops, and other changes.

Hearts of Iron IV
Hearts of Iron IVHearts of Iron IVHearts of Iron IV

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