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New eSports facility to gather pros, amateur players and fans

Nerd Street Gamers are bringing players together with new esports event Localhost Los Angeles.

Various eSports arenas are popping up all around the world, focusing on clubs and top-level competition. But what about amateur players or groups of friends looking for a place to gather around their favourite hobby?

Localhost Los Angeles will be a 26,000 square foot facility equipped with 375 gaming PCs and consoles open to the general public - a place big enough to host big tournaments up 120 teams but also designed to let in regular players and customers, just to spend the day and go shopping.

Nerd Street Gamers is the organization behind this new venue whose design has been commissioned to architecture company Populous. Founder and CEO John Fazio said in a press release: "This is going to be an iconic gathering place for the entire community - pro gamers, amateur competitors, and people that just want to have a blast with their friends. Los Angeles is the cultural capital of the gaming industry. This facility sets a new standard for public esports facilities, and matches the scale of the passion and the community."

Localhost Los Angeles is under construction and set to open this summer, but Fazio is ambitious. Nerd Street Games plans to build more than a hundred Localhost eSport centres in the coming five years. Some of them as big as the Lost Angeles pioneer, while others could be as small as a retail shop.

New eSports facility to gather pros, amateur players and fans

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