Elden Ring

New Elden Ring patch completely changes the game's final battle

There are also five new hairstyles, changes to summoning pools, and more.

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Elden Ring's DLC, Shadow of the Erdtree launches today, and ahead of all the people getting stuck into the Shadow Lands, a new update has been released for the game. Patch 1.12 does bring a lot of changes our way, with some really important ones coming two years after the game's release.

In the full patch notes, some big things stand out. The most obvious being that now, in the final fight against the Elden Beast, we can summon our beloved mount Torrent. For anyone picking up the game for the first time to play Shadow of the Erdtree, you will never know the pain of running all the way across the arena to get two hits in on the Elden Beast before he slithers away to the other side.

This does completely change the final boss battle, as it allows a level of movement that players had wanted for some time, and will likely make the fight a lot more manageable. Elsewhere in the patch, we also see that new hairstyles are coming in, alongside new changes to your inventory. You'll be able to see newly acquired items with an exclamation mark next to them, and recent items will also get their own tab in your inventory.

Summoning pools are being changed, too, letting you enable and disable individual pools and allow active summoning pools to be carried over to New Game+.

Will you be playing the Elden Ring DLC today?

Elden Ring

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