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New DualSense Edge Has Shorter Battery Life Than Regular PS5 Controllers

An upgrade in many ways, but not all.

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With its release date of the 26th of January approaching, Sony is giving a closer look at its new DualSense Elite controller. Xbox has had its own line of Elite controllers for some time, but now Sony is stepping onto the playing field.

Among the list of upgrades the DualSense Edge provides over the original DualSense controller, a longer battery life won't be found. This was explained by Sony, which gave a statement to The Verge explaining that the operating time of the Edge is "moderately shorter" than that of its predecessor.

It isn't particularly clear what "moderately shorter" will mean for the DualSense Edge's battery, but Sony's statement excuses the downgrade with the fact that the new controller manages to fit many more features in the same form factor and ergonomic design of its predecessor.

Still, while there's still a lot of impressive features on the DualSense Edge, with it having a shorter battery life that gives it one less reason to be worthy of its hefty $200 price point.

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