Marvel's Avengers

New DLC and next-gen enhancements will be shown off for Marvel's Avengers next month

A showcase of what's to come next for the game is coming February 16.

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Square Enix has just revealed on Twitter that it will be holding a showcase of February 16 to detail what is coming next for Marvel's Avengers. The War Table broadcast will show off the title's upcoming Hawkeye DLC, as well as its enhancements for the PS5 and Xbox Series. The showcase will be a pre-recorded video and will not be live streamed across Square's various channels.

The game, if you can recall, was initially supposed to launch on PS5 and Xbox Series, but these versions were later pushed back indefinitely. Hopefully within the showcase we can learn when these versions might launch as well as the improvements they'll bring to the resolution and frame rate.

The Hawkeye DLC is set to continue the events from the Operation Kate Bishop DLC that launched last December. As well as some extra narrative content to chew through, this DLC is set to provide Clint Barton (Hawkeye) as a new playable character. We've got our fingers crossed too that a release date for this additional content will be revealed during the showcase.

Will you be checking out the War Table broadcast next month?

Marvel's Avengers

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