Detective Pikachu

New Detective Pikachu has three times the chapters

Much expanded compared to the original.

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Detective Pikachu was released for Nintendo 3DS in Japan early 2016. Shortly after we learned that Legendary Entertainment (Interstellar, The Dark Knight) agreed with The Pokémon Company to film a live action movie. Then, a long period of silence followed until earlier this year, when along with the confirmation of some of the cast for the film, Nintendo announced the release date of the game in these parts and a special, bigger than normal amiibo.

But the new boxed version of the game is not the same available on the japanese eShop. GameXplain learned in an interview with the creators that Detective Pikachu grew from three to nine chapters during these years. They don't really know if the new game is actually three times longer, but it there is a lineal relation between one thing and another, GameXplains estimate that Detective Pikachu will last about 10-12 hours.

The gameplay combines dialogue, 2D exploration, tracking evidence and QTEs. Thanks to the new amiibo support, but also without it, players can unlock hints to keep going in this story about the mysterious vanishing of the main character's father. Detective Pikachu (the game that is) lands on March 23.

Detective Pikachu

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