Project Spark

New Conker adventure in Project Spark

Conker's Big Reunion: Episode 1 due out April 23.

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Good news for all of you who have missed Rare's hungover and foul mouthed squirrel Conker. Starting next month, he will get his own set of new adventures in Project Spark, Conker's Big Reunion, that will be released episodically.

The story will take place ten years after Conker: Live & Reloaded and has Conker (once again with Chris Seavor as voice actor) trying to re-connect with his old friends. Now, it wouldn't be a game - and certainly not a Conker one - if everything went smoothly, and Microsoft has posted this new trailer to check out below that shows Conker's struggles.

If you've missed Project Spark, it's a building simulator that lets you create your own game with almost infinite possibilities. All those new assets created for the new Conker adventure will also be released as an add one called the Conker Builder Pack. That includes everything from characters to music/sounds and all the terrain. Even stuff like props will be made available for use afterwards.

Conker's Big Reunion: Episode 1 will be released April 23.

Project Spark

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