Sea of Thieves

New concurrent player record for Sea of Thieves

Rare's pirate-adventure Sea of Thieves is thriving on Steam, breaking the player record - again.

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Less than two weeks ago, Rare and Microsoft finally launched Sea of Thieves on Steam and that seems to have been a stroke of genius as just a few days later, we reported that 41 110 concurrent pirates sailed the digital seas. This must be considered really good, and even more impressive when you take into consideration that it is more than two years old and also included with Xbox Game Pass (even for PC).

Since then, this number has just increased steadily, and it just broke a new record with 63 365 concurrent scurvy players a few hours ago. And this is of course just Steam, and there are more players who have bought the game through Microsoft Store or downloaded it with Xbox Game Pass.

Sea of Thieves reached over ten million players in January, and today this number is likely way higher after the Steam release. A very reasonable guess is that it is now Rare's biggest success since the release of Goldeneye 007 for Nintendo 64 back in 1997.

Sea of Thieves

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