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New Chernobylite trailer shows a deeper look at its grim and dangerous world

It will be leaving Steam Early Access in late July and coming to PS4 and Xbox One later this summer.

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These past few days have been absolutely slammed with new game announcements and reveals, so many that it can sometimes be hard to keep track. As part of the PC Gaming Show on the evening of June 13, we were shown another look at The Farm 51's upcoming survival RPG, Chernobylite, a dark title that takes us into the exclusion zone around the nuclear disaster site to uncover some grim new secrets.

You can take a look at the new trailer that was unveiled at the PC Gaming Show below, and if you're interested in picking up the game, Chernobylite will be leaving Steam Early Access and officially launching on PC on July 28. The PS4 and Xbox One versions of the game are planned for "late summer 2021."


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