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Curiosity: What's Inside the Cube

New Bundle to reward the winner of 22Cans's Curiosity

Henderson is still waiting for his prize three years later.

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A new Indie Game bundle, called The Forgotten God GameBundle, is set to arrive soon, and its first goal is to fund the Curiosity winner who still hasn't received any of the promised treats from the 22Cans title.

Back in late 2012, some of you may remember that Peter Molyneux and his development team 22Cans released their debut title, Curiosity, on mobile devices. The game had players from all around the world tapping on a giant cube made of smaller cubes, slowly breaking it down to find out what was inside; almost half a year later somebody managed to tap the final square, finishing Curiosity. The winner was Bryan Henderson, he had only began playing Curiosity an hour or so before the final tap was placed, and managed to take the prize in 22Cans' "experiment".

However, nearly 3 years after Henderson's victory he has yet to receive any of what was promised to him. The rewards in question include becoming the "God of Gods" within Molyneux's follow-up title Godus, plus a share of revenue from the PC release and any microtransacations from the mobile versions.

Initially it was planned that Henderson wouldn't hold his throne forever and that other players could take the position of God of Gods and the subsequent share of the revenue. Henderson would have a grace period for a certain amount of time before the ability would be added to usurp the title thus letting other players take it.

This would be the case if the Multiplayer feature of Godus was ever implemented, which it has yet to be.

At the beginning of 2015, Henderson talked about the situation, stating that 22Cans ceased communication with him as time went on after his big win, despite Henderson frequently contacting them asking for details regarding what was happening.

Molyneux reached out with an apology, yet still hasn't delivered on the prizes. Because of this, upcoming game bundle site are planning their first Indie bundle as "The Forgotten God GameBundle". They discuss in the blog post that 10% of the revenue from the bundles sold will go to Henderson, and they hope to raise $10,000 for the unlucky winner.

This isn't the first time that the gaming community has attempted to right Molyneux's wrongs with Henderson, as OlliOlli developer Roll7 and Devolver Digital included Bryan in their game Not A Hero, making an appearance as God.

The Forgotten God GameBundle will contain eight titles and will mark the official launch of on February 26. Could this be enough to attract the attention of 22Cans to finally give Henderson what he was originally promised?

Curiosity: What's Inside the Cube

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