Diablo IV

New artbook seems to confirm Diablo IV

We also have reports of Blizzard preparing to announce a remaster of Diablo II at next month's event.

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Before BlizzCon in 2018 Blizzard said that they know what Diablo fans are hoping for and encouraged them to wait patiently, which seemed to confirm Diablo IV, and now an artbook ad has added fuel to the fire of rumours regarding this long-awaited sequel.

As reported by German outlet GameStar, a German Amazon listing reveals an upcoming book called The Art of Diablo, written by Jake Gerli, who has worked on Diablo in the past.

This isn't surprising in itself, but as shared on ResetEra, GameStar also shares that this will include Diablo IV artwork, with an advert for the book appearing in the new edition of their magazine. The attached image below shows Diablo IV in the list, which makes an announcement at BlizzCon seem very likely.

Diablo IV

Known Blizzard leaker Metro also shared some other insights on Twitter, as they also claim a remaster of Diablo II will be announced at the event as well, which should be better news for those disappointed at the reveal of Diablo Immortal at BlizzCon last year.

Are you eager to see Diablo IV?

Diablo IV

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