Neverwinter: Uprising is now live on PC

Plenty of content has been added to Neverwinter with the release of Neverwinter: Uprising.

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Cryptic Studios' MMORPG Neverwinter got its new chapter added just recently and it brings lots of content for players to experience and enjoy. The story of Uprising has the players fight the Mind Flayers to hopefully take them down for good under the command of Halaster Blackcloak. A 10-player dungeon will conclude the chapter.

The Gith is the new race added to the game with the update and if you're a VIP player you'll have access to the race immediately upon loading it up. For the non-VIPs, it'll take two weeks until the race is made playable.

Apart from this, the appearance system and The Protector's Enclave have been remodelled, making for a more user-friendly experience and Neverwinter will be seeing a new PvP map, offering rewards for taking down your foes. Check the trailer out below.

If you're a console player, you'll be seeing Uprising on October 1.


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