Neverwinter is getting a new expansion soon

Sharandar will be divided into 3 chapters, and it will take players back to the elven woods.

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On the way to it's sixth birthday (March 31), Neverwinter is still very much alive, as it's proven for yet another new expansion, Sharandar. The expansion will be divided into three chapters, and the first one - The Iron Tooth - will arrive on PC on February 9, and consoles on March 9. The following chapters, The Soul Keeper and The Odious Court, will release throughout the year on yet to be determined dates.

The expansion will take players back to previously visited elven forests, although Cryptic Studios promises many improvements and changes in terms of design, structure, and graphics. The first chapter will be introducing quests for the Ruins of Malabog zone, a specific hub area for Sharandar, the Vault of Stars dungeon, and of course, "epic loot".

You can follow Sharandar's updates via Neverwinter's official website.


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