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Netgear's Orbi 860 Series of routers aims to bring Wi-Fi 6 to all of your house

The device also has a 10 Gig port for lighting quick download speed potential.

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The basic routers that are provided by broadband companies are usually capable enough to do the job at hand, but as network speeds increase, you may be looking for a system that can tap into the full offering of your promised broadband, or perhaps are looking for a system that can provide coverage to every nook and cranny of your home.

If this sounds like you, the latest episode of Quick Look might be up your street, as we've focussed our attention on Netgear's Orbi 860 Series of routers, a system that is both able to offer Wi-Fi 6 coverage across your entire home, but also comes with a 10 Gig port for truly lightning fast speeds - if you're lucky enough to have that kind of speed as part of your broadband package.

Catch the latest Quick Look video below.


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