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League of Legends

Netflix's League of Legends show will drop in three, three episode acts

Called Arcane, we also know when the show will be landing.

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Over the weekend, Netflix finally set a date on when its League of Legends TV series, Arcane, would be airing. Set for a November 6 release date, the show will be dropping over the course of three weeks, with three episodes being available each time.

The first set of episodes, Act 1, will drop on November 6, with Act 2 (episodes 4-6) coming on November 13, and Act 3 (episodes 7-9) coming on November 20.

The show that is based on the massively popular MOBA will take place in the city of Piltover and its undercity Zaun, and will follow various characters from the game including, JinX, Jayce, Caitlyn, Viktor, and Vi.

Take a look at the latest trailer for the series below, which gives an even better look at the series ahead of its Netflix debut.

League of Legends

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