Netflix's game streaming won't come at an additional fee

The streaming giant will also be focussing on developing mobile games first of all.

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We've heard that Netflix is looking to move into the video game space for quite some time now, but it has been seemingly elevating over the past few weeks as the streaming titan announced that it has hired games veteran Mike Verdu as the VP of game development at Netflix.

Now, after a recent earnings call the streaming giant has revealed a few new bits of information about its plans with video games, including that game streaming will not come at an additional fee for those who wish to use it. Netflix mentioned that it will be included free of charge in the subscription, in a similar manner to films and series.

There is no news about the games that Netflix plans to stream or when it will start doing so, but according to IGN the company plans to build on its own games and interactive shows, such as the Stranger Things games and Black Mirror Bandersnatch.

Also noted in the call was Netflix's approach to game development, and how it intends to focus on producing titles for mobile games in its earlier stages - so PC and console doesn't seem to be on the cards for the moment.

Netflix's game streaming won't come at an additional fee

Thanks, IGN.

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