Netflix: What to watch in June 2024

It's a big month for movie lovers, without a doubt.

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Netflix has a pretty strange month ahead of it. The streamer has laid out plans to debut several exciting and promising movies but has seemingly forgotten to supplement them with anticipated TV shows too. There are a few exciting shows lined-up, some new, some old, ultimately making for a rather interesting month especially for film lovers.

Before we dive into what Netflix has lined up for June 2024, a quick disclaimer: we've based our choices on the UK additions, so be sure to check locally for accurate information.

Killing Eve: Season 3 - June 1

We won't lie, this season kind of dropped the ball. Killing Eve went from must-watch drama television into a quite forgettable series thanks to this lacking last outing. But even with that being the case, if you've been following the stories of Sandra Oh's Eve and Jodie Comer's Villanelle, you won't want to miss this last batch of episodes.

Under Paris - June 5

This one definitely isn't for the thalassophobia sufferers out there. Under Paris is a flick that sees a marine biologist facing off with a bloodthirsty shark that somehow made its way deep into the River Seine. If you like creature horror films and have been waiting for something else to challenge Jaws, this is a film to keep an eye out for.

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Sweet Tooth: Season 3 - June 6

The final season of the fantasy drama. Sweet Tooth's last batch of episodes will see the young Gus embarking on one last journey in an attempt to cure the Sick and to discover the origins of the hybrids. Expect some heart-wrenching and emotionally complex narrative beats in this conclusive season.

Hit Man - June 7

Glen Powell is currently the person every man wants to be and every woman wants to be with. The Top Gun star is lending his talents to Netflix to become a hitman who loses his way after becoming wrapped up and smitten with a dubious local woman played by Adria Arjona.

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Ultraman: Rising - June 14

This animated Japanese movie sees a superstar baseball player returning home to Japan to take on the mantle and become the hero Ultraman. However, things take an unforeseen turn when said baseball player, Ken Sato, is also tasked with raising an infant Kaiju who just so happens to be the child of one of his greatest foes.

Trigger Warning - June 21

Jessica Alba lends her abilities to Netflix in this flashy and gritty action flick. Trigger Warning sees Alba playing the role of a special ops operative who upon inheriting her father's bar and returning home, finds herself facing off and battling with a vicious local gang. Expect lots of highly-coordinated and bloody action in this upcoming movie.


That 90s Show: Season 2 - Part 1 - June 27

The Formans are back on Netflix this June. Following up to the first season of That 90s Show, this second outing and batch of episodes will see Leia and the rest of the neighbourhood kids gang getting up to all manner of wacky hijinks in the 1990s, all while grandparents Kitty and Red attempt to keep things in check.


A Family Affair - June 28

Zac Efron, Nicole Kidman, and Joey King all collide in this romantic comedy from Netflix. A Family Affair sees King playing the role of an assistant to Efron's heartthrob actor, who in turn becomes embroiled and infatuated with the mother of King's character played by Kidman. Yep, things are going to get messy.


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