Wednesday (Netflix)

Netflix wants to make an Addams Family extended universe

Already there are plans for a Wednesday spin-off focusing on Uncle Fester.

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As we reported on, Netflix is looking to expand its more successful IPs with spin-offs, prequels, and sequels, and it seems that there are big plans with the Addams family.

According to Bloomberg, an Uncle Fester series is the next project being discussed at Netflix. Fred Armisen plays the character in Wednesday. At the moment, there's no story or plans for release, and the project could collapse, but Netflix wants the Addams Family to be an extended franchise.

Amazon - who acquired the Addams Family when it bought MGM - is a willing partner in this effort, so it seems that we'll at least see a few attempts to make this franchise work. Netflix certainly has the money, and if there's a hint of success like Wednesday, there's no reason not for the streamer to make more Addams Family shows.

Wednesday (Netflix)

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