Netflix unveils anti-password sharing method

The end of password sharing is at hand, and the future looks bleak.

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Netflix has unveiled its method to stop people from sharing passwords, which includes having users log in using the WiFi of their primary location every 31 days in order to use the service.

This means that those who cannot log in, AKA those living in a different property will simply not have access to the Netflix account. Even if you're travelling, you'll only be able to request a code to have access to your Netflix for seven days, and if you sign in while outside of your home, your device could be blocked.

These seem like very strong steps to stop password sharing, but Netflix is willing to take this method further by even charging those who continue to use one account across multiple homes, as it has done in a few Latin American countries.

What do you think of this method?

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Netflix unveils anti-password sharing method

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