The Witcher

Netflix tries to prove how much they know about the Witcher books, misspells characters' names

The quest to antagonise book fans continues.

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It was on Thursday that we reported that Netflix felt compelled to simplify and dumb down the book material that their Witcher series is based on, because primarily young Americans don't understand nuances or complex characters. At the same time, producer Javier Grillo-Marxuach responded to the criticism that they don't care about the books with a tweet bragging about how closely they followed the books. However, the problem is that the scene he describes in his tweet doesn't match the book and the name of the character he boasts about doesn't match either.

"For those who claim that we don't read/respect the books, the writers' draft of The Witcher 306 ABSOLUTELY began with Dykstra holding Geralt at knifepoint as he pissed into a plant. I have the pages to prove it."

Now the character is called "Dijkstra" and in the book it is his guards who stop Geralt, not Dijkstra himself and there is no knife in that scene in the book. But hey Netflix... Well worth a valiant attempt.

The Witcher


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