Netflix to show NFL games on Christmas Day for the next three years

The streamer further continues its efforts of live coverage.

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Netflix has been steadily ramping up its live coverage efforts, and over the last year we've seen PGA golfers and F1 drivers competing for a cup, Tom Brady being roasted, boxing matches scheduled, and later this year, NFL games will be coming to the streamer too.

Netflix has signed a deal with the National Football League to bring the Christmas Day NFL games to the streamer for the next three years. This deal applies to every region that Netflix is available in by the looks of things, and will see two games broadcasted on the streamer. As for what they will be and when they are scheduled for, you can see that below.

  • Kansas City Chiefs vs. Pittsburgh Steelers at 18:00 GMT / 19:00 CET

  • Baltimore Ravens vs. Houston Texas at 21:30 GMT / 22:30 CET

If you don't follow the NFL but are semi-interested in this, both games should definitely be worth watching as they each see either very competitive or promising teams battling it out, and likewise the matches will be held as part of the penultimate week of the regular season meaning every win will be of the utmost importance for those attempting to win the Super Bowl (or for the third time straight for the Chiefs...) this coming season.

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Netflix to show NFL games on Christmas Day for the next three years

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