Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F

Netflix shows off Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F in new trailer

The Eddie Murphy-led movie debuts in July.

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Everyone's favourite cop is back, and seemingly as quick-witted as when his escapades first began in the heyday of the 80s. We're talking, of course, about Axel Foley, the Hollywood cop, who finally returns on July 3 after an absence of 30 years.

At his side once again is Billy Rosewood and John Taggart, played by the returning Judge Reinhold and John Ashton. Together they once again find themselves in the hot seat as they team up with a newcomer to the police force portrayed by none other than Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

It's fair to say that we long thought Eddie Murphy's glory days were over, but Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F looks like it could offer some old-school, fun action, and we're cautiously excited. Check out the trailer below.

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