The Sandman

Netflix reveals more of Dream's siblings in The Sandman Season 2 teaser

An Endless family reunion seems to be coming up.

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Netflix hasn't yet slapped a date on when The Sandman will be returning for its second season but it does seem to be closer than further away. We say this because the streamer has begun sharing teasers for the show, teasers which reveal new castings and prepare us for a family reunion with Dream's siblings who make up The Endless.

In the teaser we're told that Adrian Lester has been cast as Destiny, Esmé Creed-Miles as Delirium, and Barry Sloane as the Prodigal. The teaser does also give an additional glimpse at Tom Sturridge's leading character Dream, Kirby's Death, Mason Alexander Park's Desire, and Donna Preston's Despair, each of whom appeared in the first season of the show.

Netflix notes that more information for The Sandman's return will be coming soon, so hopefully it won't be long before we get to continue experiencing this adaptation of Neil Gaiman's comic series.

The Sandman

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