The Witcher

Netflix presents first official look at Liam Hemsworth's Geralt of Rivia

The clip shows off the iconic monster slayer now that Henry Cavill has moved on from the role.

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We've seen a few glimpses of Liam Hemsworth's version of Geralt of Rivia for Netflix's upcoming final couple of seasons of its adaptation of the beloved fantasy novels, The Witcher, but those were leaks from on-set and they never really presented that great of a look at the recasted character. Now we've got an actual official look.

A new and rather short clip shows Hemsworth's Geralt in greater detail. It's effectively a very similar version as what we've become used to in Henry Cavill's take on the famed monster slayer. The next big question will be how Hemsworth approaches voicing Geralt, as the White Wolf's gravelly tone isn't exactly one that a lot of folk tend to naturally have.

Check out the clip below and no doubt expect more teasers and glimpses of this upcoming fourth season of The Witcher in the coming weeks and months, as it is currently in the process of filming.

The Witcher

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