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Netflix may be forced to broadcast Putin propaganda in Russia

A new law is requiring the streamer to broadcast a bunch of federal channels.

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Netflix is available virtually all over the world and Russia is no exception. After Vladimir Putin launched a war against neighbouring Ukraine, several laws have been introduced to prevent impartial and evidence-based media reporting, while Russian state TV has switched to showing propaganda even more so than before.

Now even Netflix could be affected after another new law to enforce propaganda is introduced tomorrow. Netflix will have to add 20 federal channels to its line-up, one of which is Kremlin-trusted Channel One, known for delivering biased news in a way that's almost looks like poor comedy at times.

Whether Netflix will actually do this is still unclear, but in a comment to Politico from Catalina Iordache, a researcher who specializes in Netflix, it seems likely that they will start broadcasting Russian war propaganda; "It seems unlikely they will reject the new rules and leave".

Netflix has previously been in trouble with the Russian state because its programmes also contain what are described as "non-traditional sexual relations", which are illegal under the Putin regime. Whether Netflix will adapt and continue broadcasting from Russia, or pack up and leave remains to be seen.

Netflix may be forced to broadcast Putin propaganda in Russia

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