The Witcher

Netflix has reportedly scrapped plans for more Witcher series

It was recently announced that the show's fifth season would be its last.

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It seems Netflix is ​​done with Andrzej Sapkowski's universe of monsters, magic and sorcery. As you know, it was recently announced that the streaming giant plans to end The Witcher with the upcoming fifth season, but apparently they have also decided to scrap two planned spin-off series.

This applies in part to the project that went by the name The Rats as well as a more child-friendly series based on The Witcher, which are now reported to be scrapped. This also means that Sirens of the Deep, with Doug Cockle as Geralt, will be the last of Netflix's Witcher spin-offs.

Previous spin-off series have been a mixed bag, and while Nightmare of the Wolf was well-received, the same cannot be said for the Blood Origin miniseries, which was sawn in the shins by critics. But the Witcher series also suffered a serious setback with season three, and the question is whether Netflix has simply lost a little faith in the future with Liam Hemsworth as Geralt. Who knows.

What are your thoughts on Liam Hemsworth as Geralt? Can the next two seasons recreate the magic of Cavill's first two years?

The Witcher

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