Netflix boss believes theatrical release windows will shrink

Netflix product chief Greg Peters: "It's what consumers want."

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Netflix have always launched their movies on Netflix first and foremost. This makes them hard to compete against for other services who first wants to run their movies in cinemas, and then have the movies come for the streaming services at a later point.

But Netflix thinks this is about to end. Thanks to (or perhaps rather because of) the pandemic, both Disney and Warner has started to launch their movies straight to Disney+ and HBO, and this is something that might not change in the future. The Netflix product chief Greg Peters thinks the theatrical release windows will shrink, so movies come fairly short after the premiere for the streaming services.

In an interview with Deadline, Peters explains:

"It's what consumers want. It's hard to buck that trend for too long and I think that's eventually where things go."

He continues by adding:

"We have created the most compelling collection of entertainment available at the click of a button that's ever existed. That's incredible for consumers and for our members. For us, as user experience designers and builders, it creates a challenge because across that wide range of choice, our job is to distill that down into something that makes it easy and fun and exciting to pick what you want to watch next. We wake up every day thinking about how to make this better. So, we're far from content with where we are and there are hundreds of tests that are being run to try to make it better."

Do you think the cinema industry will ever reach the same heights again as before the corona-pandemic and streaming services?

Netflix boss believes theatrical release windows will shrink

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