Neo Geo Mini pre-orders begin on September 10

Same date for North America as it will include 40 classic Neo Geo arcade games.

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Having been available in several Asian markets since July, the Neo Geo Mini will be coming to North America and Europe with pre-orders set to start on September 10th and shipments due in October. The console is being sold for 11,500 yen in Japan, and we should expect some similar with the usual extra, so somewhere just above 100 pounds sounds reasonable (€129.99 is the recommended price in Euros).

The Neo Geo Mini is basically a miniature version of a arcade, with 40 classic Neo Geo games pre-loaded into it. The console features its own tiny 3.5-inch screen to reproduce the arcade feel, but it also supports HDMI connections if you prefer to play on a TV.

You can check the full list of 40 games in the official website.

Neo Geo Mini pre-orders begin on September 10
Neo Geo Mini pre-orders begin on September 10

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