The Last of Us

Neil Druckmann will personally direct The Last of Us TV series episodes

No word on how many Druckmann will direct, however.

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As you you read Gamereactor, you are of course aware that The Last of Us is currently getting the TV series treatment. It was always known that the creator of the game, Neil Druckmann, would be one of the producers as well as writing script, but he actually has a more hands-on role as well.

Thanks to a new production list on the Directors Guild of Canada website, we now also know that Druckmann is listed as a director. We don't know for how many episodes though, and it has still not been revealed when the series will launch on HBO (although the filming is supposed to end next summer).

The series is supposed to re-tell the story from the first game, although it has been said that it will not be scene for scene as the show will make things differently. Pedro Pascal (The Mandalorian) is playing Joel, with Bella Ramsey (Game of Thrones) being Ellie.

The Last of Us

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