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Negative Atmosphere

Negative Atmosphere has a spooky gameplay teaser

There are monsters lurking in the Rusanov spaceship, which has been overrun by an epidemic.

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Sun Scorched Studios has lifted the lid on its third-person survival horror game Negative Atmosphere with a brand new gameplay teaser video, showcasing the terror on board the Rusanov spaceship, which has been overtaken by a mysterious epidemic and plunged into darkness.

You can see the ship and its dimly-lit corridors in the video below, as well as one of the monsters that stalk the hallways. Much like something along the lines of Dead Space, you can battle these creatures, although if you fail there are very gory deaths to sit through.

The ship has a malfunctioning AI as well, and Samuel Edwards is a doctor who's one of the only survivors of the tragedy. Resources will be scarce here, including ammo, so it should be a tense affair.

If you have questions about the acting for the male character, you're not alone, and Sun Scorched has already responded to comments on YouTube:

"After the scathing feedback about the VA we are re-evaluating our approach to future teasers. We pushed him a little overboard here to test the waters for what people wanted, looks like the overwhelming opinion is tone it down, which we will do."

Is this looking scary enough for you? If you're interested, be sure to check out our preview from earlier this year too.

Negative Atmosphere

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