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Tekken 7

Negan from The Walking Dead is coming to Tekken 7

New trailer reveals Season 2's fighters.

A new surprise guest was announced for Tekken 7 over the weekend, and it's none other than the most recent The Walking Dead villain, Negan. No actual gameplay was shown for the crossover character in the newest Season 2 trailer, but two classic Tekken fighters were confirmed. In Season 2 you will get the chance to play as Anna Williams and Lei Wulong, two longtime favourites finally coming to Tekken 7.

Negan is not the only "outsider" in Tekken 7. Akuma, from Street Fighter, was included in the base game, while Noctis from Final Fantasy XV and Geese Howard were later added as DLC characters.

Season 2 pass will be coming "soon" to PC, PS4, and Xbox One, with a price yet to be confirmed.

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