Need for Speed: Rivals

Need for Speed: Rivals - Executive Producer Interview

GRTV talks to Ghost about the studio's formation and who's collaborating on the project.

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Need for Speed: Rivals executive producer Marcus Nilsson talks the formation of EA's new racing studio, who's joined the team and how they're planning for the future of Need for Speed to GRTV.

The full interview you can watch below, but here's a few snippets:

On being in Gothenburg and collecting local talent

The goal with building the studio was to hand-pick the best possible people to take NFS into the future. It's quite natural for us then to work with Criterion, which in my opinion make great NFS games. The relationship with Dice is obvious, since I'm from Dice. There's a lot of people on the floor from Dice.

Another reason to come down to Gothenburg was that we have been here before, we had moved up, we lost some people then, and throughout the years in Stockholm. Some had moved back to Gothenburg. We could go down here and we had a good proposition. Setting up a stable EA studio, and positioned to have a start-up feeling from it but we had the backing of EA. It's a unique proposition.

On the diversity of the game's creators

Looking around, taking the vision of what we want Rivals to be - open world game, you hang out and race with your friends - how do we get the best people across the world to shape that? So we got people from Turn 10, Criterion, Ubisoft Creations, people who worked on Far Cry 3's open world gameplay... cherry-pick the people we think can shape that new fresh offering,


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