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Need for Speed Heat

Need for Speed Heat reveal incoming

The countdown is nearly over as the NFS series looks to return with a new racer with a dash of '80s style.

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The other day we reported on the upcoming reveal of the new Need for Speed, and today's the day that EA and Ghost Games will do the deed and show their hand. That said, we've got a few minor details ahead of time thanks to the tireless work of online Redditors and Youtubers, with the details coming to our attention initially over on Twitter.

What we can be fairly sure of is that the game is going to be called Need for Speed Heat - which ties in with an earlier leak - and that Ghost Games (Need for Speed Payback, among others) is on development duties for EA. We can also tell from the logo below and from images shared on Reddit that the game is going to have an '80s influence. Open-world racing with a cop-dodging emphasis and a potential Miami setting have been suggested, but we're going to have to wait for the official announcement for confirmation of that.

The countdown is ticking away and all will be revealed in due course, so stay tuned and we'll be able to confirm the next Need for Speed in just a few hours.

Need for Speed Heat

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