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Need for Speed

Need for Speed gets massive update

Legends introduces a lot of content based on past Need for Speed titles.

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Ghost Games has released a new update for Need for Speed, dubbed Legends. It is a significant injection of new content, largely based on the legacy of the driving saga. There are over 113 new items of customisation, 20 pre-defined wraps based on Pro Street, Underground and Most Wanted, several new songs and general improvements to the game.

It is a tremendous upgrade, you can get to know in detail over at the official website, or summarised in the official notes below. Ghost Games also reminds us that the PC version will be released during Spring 2016, and it will include all the content available on consoles. Don't forget to watch the new trailer after the patch notes.

- Brand new progression thread unlocked at Rep Level 25. Eddie and Melissa are back and ready for a new challenge in Ventura Bay. 15 new events with a great reward at the end
- Unlock Eddies Nissan Skyline GT-R V-Spec (1999)
- 12 new Donor car collectables hidden around Ventura Bay
- 10 Urbex spots - Collect interesting spots around Ventura Bay
- 113 New customisation items for a selection of cars
- New screens in My NFS to track new collectables and progression
- Rep Level has now been increased to 70, each level unlocking new decals for the Wrap editor
- 3 New Achievements & Trophies
- New Daily Challenges and new rewards
- Hundreds of new decals so you can make your favourite Need for Speed cars
- 20+ Pre-set Wraps from Most Wanted, Underground and Pro Street
- A selection of new music tracks to remind you of the old days
- Ability to mute new phone calls
- Phone call improvements
- You can now customize brake discs and calipers!
- Improvements to AI
- Various bug fixes and stability improvements

Need for SpeedNeed for SpeedNeed for Speed

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