Necropolis offers "Dark Souls light mixed with Spelunky"

We talk to Harebrained Schemes art director Mike McCain about their new game.

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We bumped into Harebrained Schemes' art director Mike McCain at PAX East and he told us all about the Shadowrun Returns developer's next project - Necropolis.

"It's a third person action roguelike," says McCain. "So what we're doing with it is we're taking this classic roguelike formula with a highly procedural dungeon, a lot of replayability, permadeath. And we're mixing that with fast paced third-person timing based combat system. So think Dark Souls light mixed with Spelunky."


Given we were talking to the art director we naturally had to ask about the distinctive visuals:

"It's kind of a growing trend in graphics design and in some video games these days to do kind of a low poly very minimal geometric style with flat shading and kind of careful lighting and rendering," explains McCann. "So we just wanted to bring that to the game in kind of a weird way. Lots of angular shapes, triangular constructions. Obviously also very inspired by titles like Journey and Wind Waker - classic more stylised games."

Currently the game is confirmed for PC (release really late this year, or first half of next year), but Harebrained Schemes are also hoping to be able to do console versions of the game.


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